Mattress buying guide: Material characteristics:

By | April 23, 2019

There are two versions: the one made with the latex of natural origin that is the rubber tree, from which a substance is extracted which, with the right processing, takes on the solid and spongy shape typical of the latest generation mattresses.

However, not everyone knows that this substance, although natural, can cause allergies in predisposed subjects, there are synthetic versions made in the laboratory that mimic the characteristics of elasticity and support of natural matter.

The price comparison also leads to the distinction between the type of processing that natural latex undergoes, depending on whether it is subjected to a vulcanization process and therefore also sees the addition of other materials, or is certified as 100% pure.

Hygienic and hypoallergenic:

At the top of the list of items to consider when choosing the right mattress, there is also its healthiness. The particular shape of the mattress, the latex after processing is made foamy and for this reason moldable, it is characterized by the presence of numerous holes along its entire surface. This feature allows the air to breathe and also avoid the stagnation of humidity that is created during the night even due to normal sweating.

Its particular structure and the material itself do not offer the possibility for the mites to nest nor the dust to settle, thus gaining high scores in the review provided by an allergic subject to these elements.

The good ventilation also allows the use of the mattress during the summer in places where the heat of the warm season is most insistent and hot. These are details that should not be underestimated when making an assessment before choosing which mattress will host our dreams and our rest.

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Differentiated lift:

On the market, the new mattresses are distinguished by a changed sensitivity towards adaptation as natural as possible to the anatomical shapes of the body. In particular, different pressure on the loins, shoulders or head guarantees a relaxation of the back such that there are no areas that are too compressed or others that do not find support on which to relax properly.

With a material that responds to the physiological curves, it is possible to distribute the pressure and stresses in a balanced way during rest.